430 Grade Stainless Steel Properties and Uses

Stainless 430 What is the quality?

430 Grade Stainless Steel Properties and Applications;

  • 430 grade stainless steel, considered to be the basic derritic steel type, is a type of stainless steel with low carbon and chromium content.
  • They do not contain nickel and molybdenum in their chemical contents, so they are more suitable in price compared to 300 series stainless steels.
  • They can provide a good surface appearance in the materials they are used. Since they do not contain nickel, they can magnetize.
  • Thermal expansion rate is low.
  • Excellent tensile and oxidation resistance.

Usage areas

They are frequently used in heat resistant appliances, triple-bottom teapot bases, gas nozzles, household appliances, claddings, construction materials, bolts and nuts, rods and sieves.