304 Grade Stainless Steel Properties and Uses

What is Stainless 304 Quality?

One of the most widely used steel types in the market, 304 quality stainless steel features;

  • It is not hardened by heat treatment.
  • Corrosion resistance is quite good.
  • Resistant to temperature.
  • It also provides strength at low temperatures.
  • Mechanical properties are quite good.
  • As with deep drawing and bending, the drawability of 304 is also very good. It is not magnetic. The temperature range is between -196 ° C and + 800 ° C.

Usage areas

304 Grade Stainless Steel is widely used in kitchenware, kitchen sinks, internal pipes, hot water boilers, bath tubs, various boilers, automobile parts (wiper, muffler, etc.), medical instruments, construction materials, chemical plants, dairy and food industry and in various vehicles. used in ship parts.