420 Grade Stainless Steel Properties and Uses

What is Stainless 420 Quality?

420 Grade Stainless Steel Properties and Application Areas;

  • 420 quality stainless steels are included in the group of stainless steels called "martensitic". They contain both chromium and nickel.
  • It is a very suitable material for polishing.
  • Especially after heat treatment, 420 grade stainless steels have very high tensile strength.
  • The machinability of annealed form is very good and in this case the chip is easily broken and no chip winding occurs.
  • Very high surface hardness can be achieved after heat treatment. The surface structure is very good compared to other steels.
  • Mechanical properties are very good.

Usage areas

420 grade stainless steel is often used in the machinery industry, petroleum and petrochemical industries, food and food production facilities, decorations, transportation, safts, pistons and valves.