301 Grade Stainless Steel Properties and Uses

What is Stainless 301 Quality?

301 grade stainless steel, stands out with the following features; Resistant to chemicals.

  • It has high shaping feature.
  • It can reach higher hardness than other stainless materials.
  • It can be used easily for high tension tension spring belts.
  • It is resistant to corrosion.
  • Heat resistant.
  • As in many different fields, it is used in parts that will make spring function in electrical and electronic industries.
  • Since it is produced with high technology, materials made of 301 grade stainless steel have a smooth and smooth surface, have a very good elastic limit and have a high fatigue resistance.

Usage areas

Automotive industry, white goods parts and parts, textile machinery, electrical and electronics, elevator manufacturing, food, coupling, gasket manufacturing, coupling gasket, washer steel, washer plate, 3 razors, knives, band saws, shims, raynel, washers, such as manufacturing has a wide range of applications. Particularly used in parts that require pressing and twisting. The edges can be supplied with original cut, deburred or rounded edges.